April 12, 2018

One in Five Dollars to be Spent on Digital Advertising in 2013

One in Five Advertising Dollars to be Spent on Digital in 2013.

eMarketer expects that one in five advertising dollars will be spent on digital in 2013, with growth remaining in double digits through 2015.

Just a few short years ago digital advertising was less than 10% of marketing budgets and eMarketer expects it to reach one quarter of all marketing dollars by 2016.

But with growing budgets come growing expectations. As marketers we need to continue to prove our digital ad strategies are working.

  • Are you just tracking last-click attribution?
  • How do you intend to align with the needs of your audience throughout their decision journey?
  • How will your digital advertising integrate with your offline campaign?

These are just some of the questions we intend to answer. Do you have other questions about digital advertising, media planning, or measurement? Share your questions with us below or join us on Facebook or Twitter.

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