April 12, 2018

Audi Invests $4 Million on Super Bowl Ad, Punts on Digital Campaign

Audi chose to invest $4 million for a :30 spot during the Super Bowl over a more robust digital campaign. For the sixth consecutive year the German auto maker has invested in the awareness that can be generated by one of the most-watched TV events.

In an article from Mashable, Loren Angelo, GM of Marketing for Audi, said Audi has “achieved record levels of awareness and showroom traffic with national consideration numbers showing significant spikes post game.”

Just last week Jack Marshall demonstrated the value that could be had by investing $4 million in digital marketing alone. From 130 million impressions on Hulu to a promoted Trending Topic on Twitter for a month, that kind of money could certainly create a compelling digital campaign.

So did Audi fail in creating a truly integrated campaign? The commercial features a dateless, and dejected, teenager as he heads to prom. Just as he is about to head out the door, his father tosses him the keys to the Audi S6. Inspired, the teenager arrives at the prom brimming with confidence. He busts into the gym and lays a kiss on the prom queen. Brave or not, the teenager drives home with a smile across his face – as well as a black eye courtesy of the prom king.

The ad ends with “Bravery. It’s what defines us.” – obviously encouraging you to share your stories with the #BraveryWins hashtag. But just including a hashtag does not guarantee cross-channel success, even if nearly 30% of the 20.9 million Super Bowl-related tweets were about ads.

According to Sysomos, the #BraveryWins hashtag saw just over 5,000 mentions on Twitter. Compare that to the nearly 8 million views the ad has received on YouTube. The tagline is a great position for Audi to own and capitalize on in digital and social channels, extending their campaign.

Audi certainly has generated awareness, and some engagement. Just imagine what could be done with a sizable digital campaign dedicated to true interaction with your intended audience. And lesson learned, just embedding a hashtag in your spot doesn’t actually encourage its usage or digital success.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Who did a great job integrating their campaign across different devices and channels? Share your thoughts below or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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