April 12, 2018

Mobile Takes a Greater Share of E-Commerce

US Retail M-Commerce as  Percent of Retail E-Commerce by DeviceWe all know that mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – are taking over the media landscape. But did you know it’s infiltrating the consumer landscape too?

According to eMarketer, mobile purchasing will increase to 15% of total e-commerce sales in 2013.

That’s a big chunk of the pie considering mobile commerce sales shot up to nearly $25 billion last year (an 81% increase from 2011). M-commerce sales include all purchases made via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices (excluding sales of travel and event tickets). This year, it’s expected to increase by over 55%.

As consumers change the way they buy, marketers need to change the way they reach audiences. They need to adapt to remain competitive in the marketplace and effective in their digital strategy.

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