April 12, 2018

Is User Experience Part of Your Digital Strategy?

You’ve got the budget, strategy and resources. One of the first steps of your strategies, not just digital strategies, should be researching your audience. More specifically, are you taking the time to understand the different journeys your customer make take and how that user experience affects their purchase intent or loyalty?

According to a blog from UX Magazine, experts have been guiding companies to think in more customer-centric ways. It’s also becoming increasingly easier to do great work with testing and research prior to design.  As a result, the trend is applying design more broadly across enterprise-wide user experience efforts.

Think about it this way: Frustration in technology doesn’t make you try harder. It makes you give up. User experience is the cornerstone of any digital effort. It’s about knowing your audience and designing for them. It’s not just about getting a user from point A to point B. We can certainly lead them, but will they take action? Not only should a site or mobile application be easy to navigate, it should also lead a user to take action — whether it’s purchasing a product or clicking on a link. And what leads someone to take action? Persuasion. Emotion. Trust.

What do you think? How has UX impacted your business or purchasing decisions? We’ll be shining a brighter light on this topic at the Digital Summit on March 20. Click here to register.

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