April 12, 2018

KEYNOTE: Digital Rapid Response for the 2012 Obama Reelection Campaign, Matthew McGregor

Matthew McGregor instantly engaged the sold-out crowd at the Insight Summit Series on Digital Advertising with humor and kept attendees hanging on every word by mesmerizing with visual content, incredible data and simple, yet powerful insights. The Obama reelection campaign started with a few basic ideas that lead to monumental results: 
  1. Digital is everyone’s job. Project managers, designers, developers, advertisers, and multimedia producers should all commit to digital.
  2. Make what you’re already doing social. The Obama Campaign shared existing stories of voters, influencers, and volunteers and fully invested in the art of storytelling.
  3. Make it really easy for people to do important things. The Obama campaign focused on UX and made it very easy to donate and easily directed voters to their polling locations. By saving payment information and using mobile ecommerce, donations to the Obama Campaign increased by an estimated 75 million dollars.
  4. Digital isn’t effective if it only affects the online world. Inspire supporters offline and drive them to action.
  5. Don’t be lame. Be sure to stay in touch and respect your supporters. Understand THEIR mission. Speak to their needs.
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